Carriage Park

ARC Guidelines

Both new construction and modifications to existing structures (remodeling) within Carriage Park require an architectural review.  The review process is described as follows dependent upon 1) new construction or 2) remodeling status:
1) New Construction, the following four links detail the review process.
General Information.  An overview of the process for new construction including contact information for Baldwin Real Estate.
ARC General Information
ARC Review Process.  Instructions for submitting a complete application packet for review.
ARC Review Process
Requirements & Forms. The set of forms utilized during the planning and building process.  Also included are the Henderson County required building setbacks.
Requirements & Forms
Guidelines for Neighborhood Construction.  Architectural guidelines for homes in each of the distinct communities within Carriage Park.
Guidelines for Neighborhood Construction
2) Modification to Existing Structure,
Contact to determine the level architectural review needed. 
The committee will work with you to determine 1) if an ARC review is needed, 2) can a CPHA ARC internal review suffice or 3) will a formal application to the developer be required using the
Carriage Park Architectural Modification Request
Questions can be directed to