Carriage Park

ARC Guidelines

Guidelines for General Construction in Carriage Park
Carriage Park is a deed restricted community and has restrictions and covenants that may be more restrictive than Henderson County building requirements. The restrictions and covenants run with the property. Enforcement of these documents benefits all property owners by increasing property values and providing a beautiful, safe environment in which to live.
Provisions for the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) are detailed in the Amended and Restricted Declaration for Carriage Park, as recorded in the Public Records of Henderson County on September 15, 1988. The ARC is empowered to enforce the provisions of Article III. In that capacity, the ARC shall review all plans and specifications for constructing or improving any and all property or improvements to units. No construction shall commence prior to receiving approval from the ARC. Only such improvements as are approved by the ARC shall be erected.
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The Architectural Review Committee has the oversight on establishing the guidelines for residential construction and the responsibility to oversee all residential construction in Carriage Park. The Guidelines may be viewed and/or downloaded in PDF format by clicking on the following Guidelines files:
General Information
ARC Review Process
Requirements & Forms
Neighborhood Construction
Carriage Park Landscaping